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CogzentAppz is a award-winning company that helps enterprises, SMEs and startups achieve their business goals by defining their mobile-based business initiatives and helping them reap benefits from the latest technologies in this space.

CogzentAppz is a creative Mobile & Web application development, consulting and marketing company operating on all major platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablet. We provide services for clients to generate new revenue channels and maximize their Return Of Investment. We are experts at creating brand identity in the mobile space. We also specialize in web site development, design, SEO and optimization for mobile, tablet and PC/Mac browsing.

iOS and Android App Development

CogzentAppz brings a lot of expertise in the iPhone, iPad and Android space where we define and develop custom user experiences and utilize the native control sets (like accelerometer, drum rolls, multitouch, multimodal user experiences etc) in the most effective manner. We have a strong team that can help you build Next generation Mobile technologies & implementations, provide best practices and blue prints to guide you through the right path and bring in any applicable FRAMEWORKS to jumpstart your INITIATIVES. We developed over 100 POC / Prototype for the Go to Market strategy. "Don't let your idea fade away".

Android App Development

We build the best User Experience for your Android applications that runs on various android devices including Phone, Tablet, Android TV and Android Wear. Top engineers to architect your innovative products for the stable releases on Agile practice.

iOS App Development

CogzentAppz design and develop World-class iPhone, iPad applications across all industry verticals and contributed heavily for the emerging community and large enterprise applications to the top financial organizations.

Technology for Android and iOS App Development

Native Languages


Java is one of the reliable programming language to construct a any size of applications web and mobile applications. The User Interface and the application navigation are unparalleled when it compared to any other platforms. If a customer wants to create a POC or Prototype CogzentAppz analyzes the project size, scalability and do the right architecture to work on the right platform. Also, no larger corporation would think to go for other platforms when they want to build a Android application as it has its own credibility in the market.


Swift was originally created for the Apple platforms and use it widely as remarkable modern programing language and later it was further expanded to Linux. It's much faster and reliable for all the iOS platforms as it was developed specifically for Apple. CogzentAppz has been working on Swift right from the first release in 2014 and launched several applications with the help of it's COE division. We work on all the latest release of 5.2.2 and creating several applications for the Startup companies to F500. Never afraid of the budget, let us break your project into pieces and follow the CI/CD to go live with multiple phase of development.

Object - c

Objective-C is the main programming language used by Apple to build applications for OS X and iOS in the early days because it is efficient, easy to write and neat. Objective-C is a possible solutions to incorporate blocks of C code, which helps to making it very versatile for application development. It inherits the syntax, primitive types, and flow control statements of C and adds syntax for defining classes and methods. Apptomate has a decade experience in developing basic to enterprise applications with offline functionalities (internal storage).


Flutter is a single code base platform created by Google and it's UI toolkit for building natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop. Cross-platform development reaching the highest need in the market as it saves lots of time and cost. Large Giants already launching their applications.The mobile experts predict that Flutter will be the future in the Cross-Platform as Google already knows in the Internet World. CogzentAppz build several larger applications and acquired more customers in the cross-platform space and especially Flutter. We launch an application once in every 5 business days.


Xamarin is one another older cross-platform for the iOS and Android application development with C# shared code base and native libraries wrapped in the .Net layer. The users can feel and look same as native app offers with the same user-interface and multiple platform shared codes. Xamarin allows the developers to create flawless experiences using platform-specific UI elements. CogzentAppz has worked on several Xamarin applications for various industries for many years.

React Native

React Native is an open-source mobile application framework created by Facebook and it's one another cross-platform highly used in the market for iOS and Android application and Web development. In common people has mindset that it's single code base and if we code once and it will work on all the three platforms but it requires the equal hours for the configurations which needs to be addressed. CogzentAppz has a strong footprint in the React Native application development and you can review in the Portfolio section.


Ionic is a popular cross-platform to build hybrid iOS and Android applications with the native feeling and it's components are written in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Also, it helps you to integrate seamlessly with all best frontend frameworks, including Angular, React and Vue based on your current platform designed or architected. CogzentAppz has a team of experts with all the cross-platform and Ionic is one another best platform that we enjoyed working.


CogzentAppz has been delivering vast range of mobile application in Native and Hybrid platforms for the all business community including the Startup to F500 companies. Delivering tons of emerging applications that reaches more than billion users across the world. Reach out CogzentAppz for the best mobile applications with world class User Experience. Review our portfolio and schedule a time to present more applications with innovative touch points.

Client speaks about CogzentAppz

CogzentAppz won more than 500 customers in the 10 years journey. You can review the customers happiness here and reach us to learn more client talks about CogzentAppz and clientele. Looking forward to your inquires and serve you better.

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